A Brief Guide on How to Repot Aglaonema

How to Repot Aglaonema

If you grow this evergreen cutie, then ultimately you will have to repot aglaonema it. Mainly, it should be done when the plant overgrows the pot. This guidance helps to perform the transplanting procedure safely for the herb.

The best time for transhipping Araceae plants is spring. Plantae of this type feel comfortable when the roots are a little bounded. As a slow grower it needs to be transplanted every 24-36 months. When you are replacing it from the smaller pot into a larger one, it is vital not to damage the roots. It is best to take out the grower gently in order to retain the roots wreathed with the soil.

Fill half of a larger pot with soil. Afterwards, neatly place the plant into its new “home”. Append more soil into the pot insomuch it has about 2 cm left. Use the soil of the smaller pot to fill the spaces of the new pot. Water it after the procedure is done. Also, using fertilizer every four to five weeks will be beneficial.