Clematis trellis

clematis white

Clematis flowers are rather fruitful. When in bloom, they create dramatic, spectacular sight. This species is easy to cultivate and maintain, and it is very popular with gardeners. Clematis vine twists its petioles, or leaf stems, around narrow objects and thus is able to climb. Still, it will not manage to climb a wall. A trellis for this rambling vine is generally made. It is made with narrow bamboo and wide netting. Clematis on trellis undoubtedly will stupefy your friends.

If you want to build clematis on trellis, follow these steps.
First of all, search for a sunny location. This species enjoys full sun whereas its roots must remain cool. So as to shade the roots mulch on the ground can be used.

Then push 3 bamboo poles into the ground: one of them should stick straight out, the remaining two should be placed in opposite sides at an angle. Those three poles must meet at the top. Lash them with garden wire. Trim the tops if necessary. Afterwards this step must be repeated with the other three poles.

Later the tomato netting should be used. It should be tied to the horizontal pole with garden wire. The sides and bottom of the netting should be trimmed. Then try to tie the sides of the tomato netting to the straight poles applying garden wire. Here spacing is essential. Tie it every few inches down the pole. If there is any excess netting, trim it.
The last step is training clematis to grow on the netting. As the species grows, weave the ends around the tomato netting. The plant will start winding around the netting and the bamboo poles.

There is also a lot of information on this question where you can derive interesting design ideas from.