Double Hibiscus: The Most Unusual Exotic Variety 7 Major Planting Rules

Double Hibiscus Planting

A double hibiscus is a member of the broad hibiscus family that has been cultivated and broadened by the nurseries all over the world. The flowers are really beautiful with the same five base blooms but they have ruffle skirts and the blossoms are double making them look even bigger.


Various Exotic hibiscuses have been hybridized and selected out of the original parent breeds. Check out the local double hibiscus plants for sale and see if you are willing to try them out in your own garden as they are really beautiful and will look good in any kind of garden. New bigger and bolder hibiscus breeds get hybridized every year.

Since the bushes are upright they can be pruned to have a tree shape and will grow tall up to 3 feet but if you prefer shorter plants you can cut it lower and cultivate it as you want.

Remember that when the hibiscus plants are out of season the blossoms can get smaller and the coloration will get muted so do not get surprised if your double blossoms turn into single ones in autumn.


  • Get a 10-14 inch container, you can consider the wheeler to transport it indoors when it gets colder outside. It is better not to plant it directly into the ground in order to leep it mobile especially when it comes to mild climate.
  • Get the acidic tropical soil that works for the southern climate plants like cactuses and hibiscuses.
  • Plant it at 6 to 8 inches filled container making sure all the roots are covered.
  • Add a thin mulch layer on top of the soil to keep the pot aired and cool.
  • Moisture it regularly but make sure the pot is well drained so the roots will not get rotten. Water it for two times a week during the hot season.
  • Find a nice sunny place for the planter, the lack of sunshine will cause the plant to go leggy or one sided.
  • As the weather gets colder prune the plant and clean off all the insects before bringing it inside.


The exotic double varieties have the same needs as their tropical counterparts and so it will not be hard for you to provide your plants with proper care and attention to make sure the shrug will provide you with beautiful flowers and will be the main element of your garden.

The most famous type is called the Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Double Apricot and has beautiful apricot colored blooms that will decorate your garden up to the late fall. You will make a big full luscious statement in your garden and will never regret the purchase.