Ficus Bonsai Dropped. TOP Reasons and Ways Out

Ficus benjamina plants are very beautiful and tender species, which require much attention and proper care. Being overwatered, they always let one know about the condition by dropping their leaves. When ficus bonsai dropped, it requires proper fertilization.

The leaves of the plant are sensitive even to the smallest changes, especially those in light. The same refers to ficus benjamina plant ‘Jacqueline’ and ‘Kinky’. The first plant is characterized by glossy gray-green leaves that have irregular golden-ivory margins. The second one has fresh pale green leaves.

Perhaps, one of the usual problems about these plants is dropped foliage. Any sort of change (in temperature, light, location or environment) makes figs drop their leaves, which are soon replaced by new ones. Any of these plants can be bought from Home Depot.