Have You Tried Aloe for Sunburn? It Really Works!

aloe vera yard

Hi! I have just come back from Sardinia! The vacation was great: the hot sun, clean green sea, tasty cool cocktails, golden sand, joyful parties and carnivals. However, my husband and I experienced a terrible thing – sunburns. Yes, we spent too much time on the beach and paid a big price for that. Unluckily, we couldn’t speak Italian and couldn’t even explain what had happened to us. The body ached and all that we could do was sitting and groaning. A woman who lived next door was from Spain. She saw our problem and helped us. Just imagine – she gave us leaves of aloe for sunburn. It was magic! The pain had soothed immediately. I couldn’t have imagined that aloe had antiseptic properties and was famous among common folks for its effectiveness.

So, I advise you to have this plant at home. Even if you are not a succulent fan and don’t know how to plant an aloe, buy a little one and place it on your windowsill. It will help you a lot, I’m sure!