Hibiscus Bouquet: For the Unforgettable Tropical Themed Wedding

Hibiscus Bouquet Wedding

Hibiscuses are known as garden flowers with all kinds of hibiscus seedsand plants for sale . There are numerous gardeners and fans that love the variety that hibiscuses can offer combined with their affordability and ease of cultivating.

More and more brides turn their attention to other ways of making their wedding more eclectic and memorable as traditional rose compositions seem to be getting old fashioned and used only for the white classics weddings. Imagine yourself walking barefooted on the warm sand towards the aisle with beautiful tropical hibiscus bouquet in your hands how beautiful is that?

Composition Variations

Incorporate multicolored tropical flowers into your hibiscus bouquet. You will not even need to use any other flowers as there are so many tropical hybrids out there that picking certain colors will be an issue. You will want them all. The bridesmaids will have similar bouquets. Make them smaller or not as bright. You can also play with the colors and textures. Try to combine different flowers like hibiscuses and roses for an unusual twist. Go for scarlet hibiscuses and white roses for better contrast. If you want something gentle and innocent go for the off white flowers.


You can pick any type of bouquet you like. Go for the classical posy one or the smaller nosegay bouquet. You can also make an arm sheaf composition hibiscuses are used for the round, crescent or cascading bouquets to add more drama to the wedding. Flower walls or garlands will look very beautiful too.

Wedding Ideas

Plan on throwing a wedding party on Hawaii? Or you want a summer wedding with a tropical sunny twist to it? Make sure the wedding is all about you, it should reflect your background, your interests, hobbies and love story.

Besides the bouquet itself there are so many ways to develop the tropical theme. Use a single bright hibiscus flower as a boutonnière for the groom. Any color will work well so let your imagination run wild. You can also incorporate them on the wedding cake. You can come up with a hibiscus flower wedding centerpiece. Use them on the save the date notes, invitations, escort cards and what not.

And no need to worry about the price of the wedding. You do not need to spend a lot on the wedding day. Better think of some nice tropical vacation somewhere to Malaysia for example. After all hibiscuses is their symbol.