Clematis snowdrift


Clematis snowdrift is also called armandii snowdrift. This evergreen plant is breathtaking. With its gorgeous 4-petaled white scented blooms, it will be a superb choice to ornament your garden.

This species was first discovered in China in 1900 by E.H. Wilson. Now this floriferous plant is cultivated all over the world. It grows rapidly and when mature its height ranges from 10 to 25 feet. It’s better to grow clematis snowdrift in a sheltered location away from cold winds so as to protect its leaves from the damage. Little pruning is needed.

If you like this species, you might also enjoy clematis apple blossom. This species with its rosy-pink blossoms that have vanilla scent and leathery, tough, dark green foliage will be an outstanding landmark in your garden.

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