Fascinating Aglaonema "Black Lance"

Aglaonema Black Lance

The manifold of the Chinese evergreens is impressive. "Black Lance" is one of them. It’s a flowering plant from Aroideae subfamily.

Green frondage mixed with grey ornaments captures the attention. The texture of the foliage is coarse. It grows about 80 cm tall. But, it isn’t a fast grower. So, you’ll have to repot it once in 12 to 15 months.

This elite plantae requires room temperature. Moderation is the key when it comes to watering. Besides, it tolerates low light and grows normally in medium light surroundings.

The maintenance is crucial. As there are several foes that can scathe this evergreen. For instance, mealy bug or scale can destroy the grower and its beauty. While, Dasheen mosaic virus or Fusarium root can kill the Aglaonema "Black Lance".