The Habitat of Ficus and Rules of Its Pruning

Habitat of Ficus

Ficus tree is primarily characterized by twisting branches and fruits. The common name is fig. Most sorts can reach the heights of 500 feet and have many intertwining branches. The leaves are organized into bright green palmate lobes, and the bark has a milky latex sap that irritates skin.

Though the period of their productivity lasts for nearly 15 years, the life span of trees is much longer.

The habitat of ficus is Asia, mainly China and Japan. According to care tips, ficus benjamina pruning is one of the essential caring aspects. To prune choose several large branches and remove those growing in the unnatural vase shape. Remove all diseased and dead parts and those growing straight up from the tree’s centre or crossing another branches. The tree soon will have a new growth and no one will notice it has been pruned.