Clematis wildfire


Gourmets and those who love flowers of saturated, vibrant colour and persistent smell will be glad to have clematis wildfire (which in Polish sounds like powojnik wildflower) in their collection. This stunning, early blooming cultivar comes from Poland. The species is characterized by its large (6 to 8 inches in diameter and about 8-10 feet in height), two-toned blooms: violet purple with a reddish purple bar adorning each petal. The newest blossoms however are magenta pink. The blooming period takes place from early summer through early fall.

It’s not a problem to maintain clematis wildfire. The only requirements are that the soil should be moist (so don’t forget to water it on a regular basis), well-drained and organically rich and the spot where the species is to be placed should receive a lot of sunlight. The roots must be kept in partial shade though. The plant is also prone to several pests and diseases like any other clematis so you have to take care of it too and try to prevent these kinds of problems.

The species attracts hummingbirds so be ready that as soon as it stars blooming, these birds will be regular visitors in your garden.