Growing phalaenopsis orchid outside

Some people are lucky to live in the areas where the weather is mild and the growing conditions are appropriate to cultivate phalaenopsis orchid outside all year round. Even if you are not one of the lucky stiffs, you can still grow the species outdoors part of the year. Actually, growing phalaenopsis orchid outside is wholesome experience as the air movement is stronger, the light is brighter and refreshing showers occur from time to time.

First you have to find the right spot for the species. There must be no direct light but the plant mustn’t be in dense shade either. In summer the species in pots can be put on benches under trees. The trees will let the sunlight pass through. Thus your orchid will receive filtered light. Besides the breeze will cause the foliage to move gently so the sun won’t shine on the same spot constantly. The species can be grown in a sheltered verandah. And you can also mount the plant onto the tree if it grows outside permanently.

Take into account the following information. There is higher risk of the plant being infested by pests if the species is not inside anymore. So you’ll have to spray it on a regular basis. Also, make sure that your favourite is raised off the ground so that critters don’t easily crawl into the container.

Your plant will also dry out faster because open areas are generally brighter and less humid. That is why you are to water the species more frequently.