When transplanting phalaenopsis orchid must be done

Occasionaly transplanting phalaenopsis orchid is necessary. If you have doubts about when to transplant the species, here is the hint. As a rule the plant needs to be transplanted every one to three years. As soon as the growing material decomposes and cannot provide the adequate drainage, it should be replaced. In this case a new pot is not necessary, you’ll just need new growing medium. It’s also known that phals have crowded roots. Sometimes those roots can grow out of the top of the pot or the drainage holes. In this situation transplanting phalaenopsis orchid into a larger container is inevitable. The best time to hold this procedure is spring, when the blooming period is over. The species should be planted into a pot with drainage holes. That will allow excess water to escape.

Some preparation must be done before planting a moth orchid into a new pot or new growing material. First of all the plant must be removed from the pot carefully. Afterwards the roots of the species must be examined. To do that wash off all the old growing material. As soon as you are done with that, the roots will be exposed to view. If they are brown or black, mushy, don’t hesitate to trim them or else they will rot in a new pot.