Is phalaenopsis orchid safe for cats

phalaenopsis orchid plant

Keeping a pet at home presupposes great responsibility. No wonder many pet owners are preoccupied with the safety of their animals when growing a moth orchid indoor. Is phalaenopsis orchid safe for cats and dogs?

Although it was proved that this species is not poisonous to dogs and cats and they can coexist perfectly well, still a lot of people believe that nibbling on this gorgeous plant is dangerous for the pets. Phalaenopsis orchid is safe for cats and dogs and what really can pose danger for them is a fertilizer or a pesticide. The pets usually go for the leaves which can contain some residue of this toxic stuff. So you have to either keep the plant in the spot where the four-legged member of your family won’t be able to reach it or keep a sharp eye on the pet and drive it away every time it draws near.