What to do if there are yellow rings on phalaenopsis orchid

Phalaenopsis orchid is the species which is quite easy to take care of even for beginners. It can forgive a lot of sins but when it falls sick, it will let you know immediately, you just have to be able to read signs. One of the problems you can encounter is viruses. If the foliage has yellow-to-white rings, yellow stripes or bulls-eye patterns and the flowers are turning brown and shriveled, that is the clear symptom of the presence of viruses.These pathogens often spread when a gardener doesn’t know how to prune a phalaenopsis orchid and uses non-sterile tools.

A lot of gardeners are afraid of viruses. And for good reason: there is no cure for them. All you can do when you suspect infection is to cut the leaf with the rings very close to the stem. Then spray the wound with fungicide or bactericide. If you don’t want any larger and uglier wound to occur, do not pull the leaf. Observe the plant. It can happen so that you will have to remove more leaves in the future.