How to care for phalaenopsis hybrid orchid

A lot of people grow phalaenopsis hybrid orchid having no idea that this exact species has been hybridized. There are thousands of orchid hybrids nowadays. They are created by phalaenopsis being crossbred with closely related orchids. It inherits the best qualities from both parents and thus can survive even the most unfavourable conditions. Among the most common hybrids are stark, classic white hybrid which is often called a moth orchid, jewel-like miniature ornamented with yellow and candy pink blooms.

Phalaenopsis hybrid orchid care instructions are similar to those of a regular phal. If you want your houseplant to last long, you should take into account such factors as light, temperature, humidity, fertilizing, watering.

If there is enough light to read the book, then this is adequate amount of light for the species. It doesn’t like being in the dark as well as it can be damaged by direct sunlight. The temperatures should be warm and stable, watering regular and fertilizing timely. If you meet all these requirements, this mix of several orchids will be able to thrive.