How much sun does orchid phalaenopsis need?

phalaenopsis orchid roots

Orchid phalaenopsis is one of the most popular plant to grow at home and its maintenance is quite easy. Still a lot of people are confused when the conversation turns to the growing conditions. “How much sun does orchid phalaenopsis need?” – they keep asking each other.

In natural environment the species grows in half shade being sheltered by the trees. Direct sunlight can burn the leaves. So it’s recommended to grow the plant in half shadow. But don’t be fooled by this expression. This advice works only for tropics or areas where the sun is extremely strong most of the year. In many countries located far from the equator the sunlight is poor from October to March. In such a case this amount of light is too scant.

So how much sun does orchid phalaenopsis need? To prosper the species needs plenty of sun. Indirect sunlight proves to be the most advantageous. As you remember overexposure of the sun can be harmful for the foliage and may result in premature bloom drop. If you grow your plant on a windowsill, place it east. That spot is considered to be the best one.