How to water yucca plants?

yucca image

You won’t even need a yucca care guide to find the information about how to water this yucca plants. This species is a set-and-forget houseplant and sometimes it is even called “No water plant” because of its hardiness.

There are no special requirements on how to water yucca plants apart from one: it likes being reasonably dry. So if you over water it, you will make it suffer. Watering frequency is about one time every ten days.

If you are not sure whether to water it or to wait for a few more days, check the soil. If it is dry to approximate depth of 2,5 cm, then it is high time you gave the plant a drink.

Leaves also can indicate the need of your plant in watering. If you have noticed brown tips in a yellow halo, reduce the amount of water. If the leaves turn brown or yellow, that means that Spanish dagger craves for some more watering.