Why Is Yucca Going Brown?

yucca plant picture

Yucca is a hardy plant which blooms with gorgeous white flowers in summer. It can be planted in the garden and grown inside, capable of tolerating different growing environments. But sometimes yucca is going brown for some reason. Why does it happen so that the foliage becomes so unattractive? Is it possible to prevent leaves from turning brown?
If the plant is mature, you needn’t worry about that. Leaves will go brown and will drop off the plant anyway. It’s a part of a normal life cycle of this species.

Sometimes this problem can occur because of the lack of space between a yucca and other plants which results in so called root crowding. If that is the case, the ability of the plant to consume nutrients and water from the soil is restricted. That is why the species gets weaker and weaker and finally yucca’s going brown.

High salt content in the soil can also provoke foliage colour change.

Another reason that causes leaves to change their looks is over watering. It leads to the foliage swelling and drooping.
This plant also requires direct sunlight. If the leaves can’t take in sunlight, they won’t grow and will become weak. So you can keep this species both indoor and outside, But the area must be necessarily warm.