Dealing With Yucca Cane Drooping

yucca elephantipes

There are no branches on yucca cane. Instead of them there are long, narrow leaves growing right from the stems. Sometimes there can be yucca cane drooping. Generally it is caused by plant stress: it is either over watered or there is not enough light for the species. Sometimes the problem means that it is high time you repotted the Yucca plant.

Yucca cane drooping is evinced by leaves curling at first, then falling off. If you want to keep your plant healthy, you will have to create conditions similar to those of native environment of yucca.

As the plant originally belongs to hot and sunny areas, it is used to direct sunlight and its lack can contribute to drooping foliage. The plant tolerates low humidity and temperatures varying from 30 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

The soil should be slightly moist for the plant to thrive. In winter it is necessary to reduce watering. If you over water the plant, the root rot may develop which will eventually result in drooping leaves as well.