What to do if you developed allergy to a phalaenopsis orchid

phalaenopsis orchid roots image

“If you have decided to purchase an orchid and give it as a present to a friend of yours , you should be concerned with the fact that it might turn into a disaster if the person has allergy to a phalaenopsis orchid,” – that’s what a lot of people like saying. Not completely true. If the person is pollen-allergic, he can be absolutely safe around this species. The pollen of the species is not airborne (it contains solid masses) and thus it can’t trigger the allergic reaction.

Unfortunately, there are people sensitive to orchid sap. For such people contact with the plant will result in rash. This skin reaction is called contact dermatitis. Dermatitis from orchid is not contagious and it is short-term which is good news although the person still will suffer soreness and itchiness in the affected area.

The culprits of contact dermatitis can also be some perfumes, soaps, sometimes jewelry and other plants. If you are sure that your skin reaction is allergy to a phalaenopsis orchid plant, don’t hurry up to give it up. Use disposable gloves every time you deal with the species. If you came into contact with sap. immediately wash your hands.