What to do if your yucca is growing too tall

yucca tall plant

Yuccas are versatile plants that can grow in full sun, thrive in full or part shade and enjoy the light indoors. They look exotic and trendy and that is why so many people keep it as a houseplant. But sometimes people complain that yucca is growing too tall for a container. That means the plant needs to be trimmed.

Pruning should be done in spring and early summer. If you found your yucca growing too tall, it would be right to cut off the cane. You can do it at whatever level. Then provide the plant with direct sunlight so that it could recover from the stress.

Soon it will sprout new foliage from the spot where it was cut. Water it but keep in mind that the amount of water should be less as the plant is now smaller than it used to be.