Is the yucca plant poisonous for my pets?

yucca and cats

A lot of plants kept in houses or grown in the garden may be harmful to pets. Is the yucca plant poisonous too?

Actually, yes, it is. Some of the species are not dangerous but in raw form some of them can be deadly for cats and dogs. These animals are fond of chewing the plants and this species contains steroidal saponins which, when ingested, can be toxic and thus cause vomiting, diarrhea, incoordination and drooling.

But is the yucca plant poisonous for humans? The answer is “No”. This plant is not only absolutely harmless to people but it also can be cultivated into medicine. Its extract can treat fungi, blood clots, migraines, tumors, Herpes virus types. The same way it can improve the lives of our pets. Without any side effects it can relieve inflammation of joints or arthritis, for example.