What are the large black spots on phalaenopsis orchid?

phalaenopsis orchid pink

If you have noticed black spots on phalaenopsis orchid, that usually signifies that the plant is unhealthy. It may be a natural coloration of the species, but if it’s not the case, take a closer look at these spots. The first step you have to take is to diagnose the problem. The answers to the question “What can cause these black spots?” are as follow.

One of the reasons the plant is spotted can be pests, bacterial or fungal disease. The spots generally appear on blossoms and leaves. First of all, identify what exactly you are dealing with and then treat the species accordingly.

Larger black spots may occur if the plant has experienced sun damage. If the areas exposed to direct sunlight turn yellow and then become black, there is a great chance that it is a sunburn. Place your orchid in a spot where it will receive bright indirect sunlight. Protect it from the scorching with a sheer curtain. The affected areas need to be cut and the plant must be disinfected.

Black spots on phalaenopsis orchid can be caused by oedema. The treatment is easy here. All you have to do is simply reduce watering to one time a week or even less.