How to revive phalaenopsis orchid?

phalaenopsis orchid pink image

Taking care of phalaenopsis orchid plant at home is not as difficult as many people think. If you do everything correctly this amazing, elegant species will bloom perfectly for 3 months bringing you joy. But if your plant starts to wilt or probably doesn’t grow properly anymore, do not be in a hurry to throw it out. If you are wondering how to revive phalaenopsis orchid you should follow these tips to ensure a long healthy life for your dying plant.

A dehydrated orchid needs regular watering. The main point here is not to over water it as this will lead to roots rot.
Do not forget about fertilizing the plant with every watering. This will nurture the species and encourage its further healthy growth.

How to revive phalaenopsis orchid that is suffering foliage loss? First of all make sure it is out of direct sunlight. Shade is the cornerstone of proper growth for this plant.

The correct potting compost is also essential. If you want the drainage to be sufficient, you are free to add moss, bark or coconut hust to the compost.

“Moth orchids” are demanding if the matter is temperatures. During daytime the temperatures should be 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit whereas at night the plant will thrive in cooler weather – about 50-60 degrees.
The place where you keep the species should be a well-ventilated and relatively humid one. Continuous airflow and the humidity of 50-80 per cent will contribute to the best growth.