Phalaenopsis orchid from Home Depot

phalaenopsis orchid blooming

A few days ago I was in a mood to do some shopping. I didn’t intend to purchase something particular, just wanted to find something for my apartment that will ornament it. I thought of some nice photo frames or other cute knick-knacks but finally I returned home with phalaenopsis orchid from Home Depot. My roommates were surprised as I have plenty of houseplants and there is no room for a new one. But the species was breathtaking and I couldn’t resist the temptation.

The plant required transplanting because the potting medium consisted mainly of soil (about 80%) and bark (20%). I know for sure that it’s impossible for a phal to thrive in such conditions. I prepared the mixture of 80 percent fir bark and 20 percent coarse sphagnum peat moss for my orchid.

It took me a while to repot the species. I had two pots available: a plastic and a clay one. After several minutes of reflection I decided to use a plastic one because it provides better water retention. In clay pots you should constantly monitor the plant and water it more frequently because the potting medium dries much faster here.

Now my phalaenopsis orchid care from Home Depot gladdens my eye and I will try to satisfy all its needs to be able to enjoy its beauty for a long time.