The difference between mini phalaenopsis orchid and standard-sized phalaenopsis orchid

phalaenopsis orchid blooming image

Mini phalaenopsis orchid is a modern hybrid which produces flowers in cooler temperatures. Taking care of this species is similar to looking after standard orchid varieties. Miniature species prospers in warm and humid environment as well as its counterpart of standard size does. So as to remain healthy the mini plant should be repotted once in a while. It also should have semi-dry roots to thrive.

However, there is slight difference between caring for mini phalaenopsis orchid plant and its taller cousin. The first one is more sensitive, requires less watering and fertilization shouldn’t be as frequent.

This stunning plant won’t disappoint you in its longevity. Its impressive blooming lasts for 6-12 weeks if appropriate care is taken. The flowers come in different colours: white, pink, purple, yellow. It goes without saying that everyone will be able to find the species according to his taste. An artistic arrangement of this species will add elegance to any setting.