How often does yucca bloom?

yucca in the garden

Yucca is an evergreen species which blooms once every year from the middle of summer when days are still long to the beginning or mid fall. It produces white, sometimes pale yellow bell-like flowers. The upright flower stalk develops a lot flowers, called inflorescences. Flowers of some species cover the spikes entirely, thus making an impressive sight. But sometimes problems can occur. It is very frustrating when your yucca is not blooming. There are several reasons why this can happen.

It was mentioned earlier that generally the ideal time for this species to bloom is the warmest period of the growing season. This time is a bit different for each specimen, though. For example, Adam’s needle starts blooming in June and finishes in July whereas Yucca gloriosa blooms from July to August. So first of all make sure that it is the right time for your plant to bloom and that your worries are not in vain.

If you have no doubts about the time but still your yucca is not blooming you have to pay attention to the presence of the moth that pollinates yucca. The relationship between a moth and the plant is interesting. Unless the moth is here, the succulent won’t bloom. If that is the case hand pollinate the species. It must help.

Also there can be problems of the plant is unhealthy. Do not allow any disease take place and make sure there are no pests damaging the plant.