Growing phalaenopsis orchid in a vivarium

phalaenopsis orchid terrarium

There is no bigger joy than to see your orchid thrive. Sometimes it is difficult to create the atmosphere in which the plant will be able to prosper. Growing phalaenopsis orchid in a vivaruim is a simple way to make even the most delicate and temperamental plants happy.

A vivarium or terrarium is no more than a usual fish tank where the plants grow under lights. Growing phalaenopsis orchid in a vivarium allows you to control the environment: humidity, temperature, light, air flow. If you don’t know how to grow the species behind the glass, this article will provide you with some useful information.

The first step that should be taken is determining the size of a vivarium. You either buy a tank and then find the plant that will fit it (the plant can be in a flask). Or vice versa you think how large your plant will grow and then buy the vivarium that will accommodate it. Once you have chosen the tank, wash it thoroughly before putting the plant there.

Then you must decide what substrate you are going to use. The bottom of the vivarium can be covered with egg shell crate, small stones or soil. Find the right location for the tank. Never place it in direct sunlight as the glass amplifies the heat which can result in destroying the plant. If you have only a spot with minimal direct sunlight at your disposal, it might be a good idea to add some white reflective background to offset the amount of light hitting the vivarium.

It will take some time to get the conditions exactly right for your orchid. But once you set everything up properly, you will be able to enjoy tranquil scene at your home.