How to color phalaenopsis orchid

phalaenopsis orchid blue

A friend of mine has phalaeonopsis orchid at her place. It’s called “Blue Mystique” and it’s absolutely fascinating with its electric-blue color. I didn’t believe that such a beautiful tinge could be a natural one. I remembered that orchids naturally come in different exotic colors ( it’s enough to recall almost black striped orchid Dracula vampira) but I was sure I came across the information that they lack the genes to bloom in black and blue. So I asked my friend where she got it from and how to color phalaenopsis orchid. She told me a very interesting story.

She bought the plant in a grocery store. She didn’t have any doubts that it was a blue cultivar of an orchid. So she was shocked when the plant started blooming and she saw white flowers. She was beside herself with rage because she hadn’t been told the truth and the species was sold at premium price. She was sure it was a fraud. So she complained. As she wasn’t the only one who was disappointed, the creator of the species had to include a tag where it was mentioned that the plant was dye-injected.

I was really interested in how to color phalaenopsis orchid so I found some information about that. Creating this species is not about painting the plant. It is a “process that infuses white orchids with a special medium." The medium is injected at the base of the flower spike. Then the solution is carried up the stem into the buds.

Now when the customers are informed, I believe, they can decide whether to purchase such a plant or not.