Keeping phalaenopsis orchid alive

phalaenopsis orchid purple

Gardeners fall into two types: nurturers and neglecters. For the first ones growing orchids is very simple. For the second category keeping phalaenopsis orchid alive is a challenge.

If you are interested in how to keep these plants healthy for a long time and if you want this species to be happy, here are the healthcare steps you should follow.

The first thing you have to take care of is the place where your plant will grow. Keeping phalaenopsis orchid alive is not difficult if you do not forget that your plant should be placed in the area where it will get a lot of light. But remember to keep it out of strong direct sunlight.

The growing media should be moist but not wet. Water the species once a week. Allow the potting mix to get almost dry before waterings. If the roots are green, that means the plant receives enough water. White roots are a signal that the species is drying out.

The plant prefers even temperatures especially when it is still in bud. Fluctuating temperatures may cause buds dropping.
What concerns fertilizing, you should remember that after every watering it’s recommended to apply fertilizer at one-quarter strength. While the species blooms, fertilizing is not needed.