Phalaenopsis orchid losing buds

phalaenopsis orchid flower image

One of the most pleasant things in keeping orchids is their blooming period. Although these plants are considered to be hardy, they are prone to some environmental issues which can cause phalaenopsis orchid losing buds.

The premature bud drop is called a blast and is characterized by buds softening, drying or brittling. In this case buds begin falling off the stalk without having a chance to open into a flower.

Unexpected changes in the environment which damage the plant’s systems usually result in buds loss. The major trigger is generally unforeseen temperature changes. Also changes in humidity can be the reason of phalaenopsis orchid losing buds. Ripening fruit emit the ethylene gas which can also cause this problem. So make sure there is no bowl with fruit nearby. If you don’t know how to plant phalaenopsis orchid properly and have decided to repot it while in bloom, get ready to come across the buds drop as the species will get used to the new environment. Buds shedding allows the species to protect itself diverting energy to maintain the vital systems.