4 Common Reasons of Why Your Gardenia Is Dying

Gardenias look fresh and smell heavenly, that's why we all try to plant them in our gardens or decorate our living areas outdoors and indoors with this luxurious plant. Long-blooming period is one of the most important features we are looking for in shrubs. There's an everblooming form of Gardenia, called "Veitchii". With this variety you can enjoy sweetly fragrant flowers on your shrub throughout the spring and summer.

Being extremely beautiful, for a more dramatic effect Gardenias can be combined with vines, Yellow Trumpet variety, for instance. With all their benefits, however, Gardenias belong to high-maintenance plants. If all of a sudden life leaves Gardenia and your bush is turning yellow, shedding its foliage, determine the reason as soon as possible and try to save it.

Why Is Your Gardenia Dying?

Lack or excess of sunlight
Wrong choice of fertilizer