Cutting off phalaenopsis orchid air roots

phalaenopsis orchid soil image

If you are a beginner at plant growing, dealing with phalaenopsis orchid for the first time can be tough experience. Phalaenopsis orchid care can be a challenge, especially for the tyros. One of the troubles you can come across is phalaenopsis orchid air roots which grow above the ground. Seeing them a lot of people suggest repotting the species. It’s a common delusion. The plant needs to be repotted once a year or every two years.

The roots are large, coated with spongy substance. They also can be yellow and shrivel when kept inside in low humidity. These roots are vital to the plant as they absorb the moisture and carbon dioxide straight from the air thus helping the plant to grow successfully.

Some people don’t like the way the species looks with aerial roots and snap them off. If you are itching to trim them, first make sure there are enough roots in the potting medium. In such a case the plant has a chance to survive, though it will be less healthy anyway. Also it is too risky because the species can easily catch fungus even with the sterilized clutters.
As you see, phalaenopsis orchid air roots are necessary for the right nourishment. Try to see them as natural charm of the species and cut off only unhealthy ones: dark brown to black, mushy and rotted.