Dwarf Gardenia: An Irresistible Scented Houseplant and Perfect Ground Cover

Not always larger plants fit well into our garden landscape or indoor interior. In this case miniature bloomers are ideal. Gardenia is a perfect scented blooming evergreen shrub, available in the petite form as well.

What Do You Win From Dwarf Gardenia in Your Garden?

Petite Gardenia is a perfect option for a container plant, low borders, groupings or as a groundcover. If you have a shaded garden with larger blooming trees and shrubs, bare ground between them would be an eyesore. Miniature Gardenia will perfectly cover the empty space, creating a feeling of wholeness and fullness of the landscape.

Growing gardenia is quite fussy yet rewarding. If you don't mind challenges, consider growing a plant from gardenia seeds. A dwarf form is an excellent decision for indoor Gardenias which can as well adorn your patio, porch or other outdoor living areas. Repotting indoor gardenias should be implemented every spring as long as your plants are young.