Frost Proof Gardenia: Light Spring Frosts Are No Longer a Threat to the Blooms

gardenia leaves

Arranging your garden in the end of winter, you are preparing for the bright blooming season, yet tricky March frosts can nip Gardenia buds, causing them to drop off instantly in one night. To avoid this sad disappointment, opt for the frost proof Gardenia. Here are its beneficial characteristics:

A sturdy fragrant bush with dark green leaves and frost-resistant buds.
Evergreen, deer-resistant, quite big, compared with other varieties (5 ft. tall, 4 ft. wide)
Wonderful foundation, container planting or hedge.
Can be grown in the zones 7 to 9 outdoors.
Loves full to partial sun and moist acidic soil, well-drained.

Cutting Gardenia

Pruning Gardenias is an important stage of the plant care, implemented in autumn when the blooming period is over. A good idea is to combine pruning with starting new Gardenias from the cuttings.