Gardenia and Vinegar: How to Prevent Gardenia Leaves From Turning Yellow?

gardenia bloom

If you want your Gardenia to be a feast for the eyes, especially in summer and autumn, the plant needs proper care throughout its life cycle.

Gardenia Diseases and Pests: Common Family Problems

Pests: spider mites, aphids, whitefly
Diseases, caused by fungi: Canker, Powdery Mildew, Sooty Mold, Leaf Spot, etc.
Root-related problems: microscopic worm-like organisms nematodes
Yellowing leaves

Gardenia and Vinegar

Gardenia leaves turn yellow due to a few reasons, and poor acidity of the soil being one of them. Insufficient levels of iron in the soil make the evergreen shrub turn yellow, which can be easily corrected with such a simple home remedy as vinegar. A cup of vinegar is diluted in a gallon of water and a yellowing Gardenia is watered with this solution once a month.