Gardenia Chuck Hayes: Up to 4 Weeks Of Continuous Ivory-White Bloom in Zones 6-10

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If you are thinking of planting Gardenia, it's important to pick a variety, suitable for your climate zone. Those who need hardy shrubs should pay attention to Chuck Hayes or Crown Jewel forms.

Gardenia Chuck Hayes: How to Explain Its Popularity?

This shrub belongs to the hardiest Gardenia varieties, resistant simultaneously to warmer and colder temperatures.
Chuck Hayes blooms continuously longer (3-4 weeks) than traditional Gardenias (2 weeks).
Mature shrub can reach the size of 6x6 feet and grow well in zones 6 to 10.

When the location of your residence is slightly out of the Gardenias' hardiness range, you can still succeed with growing Chuck Hayes that is tolerant to the environment with cold air of severe winters or heat of drought areas. Besides, Chuck Hayes is a heavy-flowering and absolutely adorable evergreen shrub, worthy to adorn your garden.