Gardenia Radicans: A Perfect Solution for an Attractive Scented Ground Cover

Though belonging to the same family, Gardenia varieties may differ dramatically. One bright example is a pair of Gardenias – a dwarf Radicans and a 5 m high Thunbergia.

Gardenia Radicans Characteristics

Evergreen dwarf shrub
Gardenia growing at a height of 1-2 feet and a spread of 4 feet
Low spreading rounded form
Petite white flowers
Lustrous dark foliage
Used as a container plant or scented groundcover between taller trees and shrubs
Hardiness zones 7b – 9

With its fine to medium texture and mounding habit, Radicans creates a very attractive ground cover. Massed together this form of Gardenia makes a perfect live border. The coveted fragrance can be enjoyed at its fullest when planted next to the house.