Gardenia With Spider Mites: 4 Effective & Nontoxic Remedies Against the Pests

Being quite high-maintenance plants, Gardenias are susceptible to a range of diseases and pests. Whiteflies, scale insects, aphids, thrips and spider mites are among the most frequently-occurred Gardenia pests.

Gardenia with Spider Mites

A Gardenia, infested with spider mites, has white or yellow specks on the upper surfaces of the leaves with fine webbing underneath and distorted new growth. To control these pests the following measures can be taken:

Biological control agents: lacewings, lady beetles and predatory mites
A strong spray of water for light infestation: removes eggs, larvae, nymphs and adult mites.
Insecticidal soaps
Horticultural oils

The last 2 options have a huge effect of pest control and are nontoxic to humans. Among the requirements for their usage there is watering Gardenias well the day before you plan spraying and implementing the procedure late in the day if the temperature doesn't exceed 90 °F.