How long does phalaenopsis orchid live?

phalaenopsis orchid white flower

“How long does phalaenopsis orchid live?”- that is one of the most frequent questions shop assistants in the florist’s are being asked. There is no certain figure to answer the question about phal life span.

Everything depends on the environment the species is subjected. If proper care for phalaenopsis orchid is taken, the plant will be able to last indefinitely. You should take into consideration all the factors: medium for growing, light and temperature, fertilization, humidity, watering.

The requirements to medium for growing are as follow: it should nit retain moisture and there must be air circulation around the roots. For these purposes a mix of sphagnum moss and medium fir bark or lava rock is generally used. Excellent option here is using fir bark with a bit of charcoal and perlite. People tend to buy the plant in a vase with no drainage. It looks attractive but don’t forget that in such conditions the species won’t be able to have long term health. The plant needs to drain. Otherwise it will develop root rot.

The species needs a lot of sunlight but the light must be indirect so as not to damage the leaves of the plant.

Phalaenopsis orcid prefers a day temperature of 18-29 degrees Celsius and at night it enjoys cooler temperatures- 13-18 degrees. If the temperatures are fluctuating, they can cause the dropping of buds.

The perfect humidity is 50-80 per cent. Fungus diseases may occur if the humidity is lower.

Watering should be done carefully. In summer it’s advisable to water the plant once in 2-3 days whereas in winter it’s better to give it a drink once in 10 days.

It’s beneficial to apply fertilizers every now and then. Use it more frequently in summer when the plant is in the stage of active growth. In winter the plant must be fed sparingly. Refrain from fertilizing the species when it blooms.
With proper care the question “How long does phalaenopsis orchid live?” is irrelevant. It becomes obvious that such a healthy plant will live eternally.