Methods of how to propagate a yucca

yucca outdoor

Yucca plant is recognizable by its sword like leaves and white flowers. It is widely spread and is frequently grown as an ornamental plant. No wonder people are interested in how to propagate a yucca.

If you ever looked for this information on the Internet, you know that it’s full of answers to that question. There exist several methods to do it. One of the most popular is propagation by seed. Place the seeds in a dish covering them with soil. Water them moderately making sure you do not over water. In 3 weeks the seeds will sprout and in 5 months there will be full leaves.

If you don’t want to apply this method and still wonder how to propagate a yucca, then try to use shoots for this purpose. This species develops shoots. You simply need to remove them and plant them in soil.

You can also use stem cuttings. They should be planted into a soil mixture during the growing season. Thus, roots will be able to develop. The soil must be moist enough but not too saturated. Within 2 or 3 months the root formation will be finished.

Propagation can also be done by transplanting. Try to do it while the seeds are young. Because if the plant is mature, moving will be more stressful for it. The transplanting can be done safely after several months growing from seeds.