Useful tips for yucca plant in cold weather

yucca winter

There are several varieties of yucca plants. Some of them easily adjust to winters and can survive freezing temperatures. Some cannot withstand even a light frost. But even the hardy species of yucca plant in cold weather may experience some damage.

If in the area where you live the winters are usually harsh or the temperatures are fluctuating when after the heatwave there comes an unexpected cold spell, start preparing the plant for the winter long beforehand – from the very end of summer. To do that, simply stop fertilizing it. After August fertilizing will stimulate new growth of the plant and it will be too delicate to endure cold temperatures.

If the plant is grown outdoors, grow it by the wall on the south side of the house. Thus, your favourite will be kept dry and warm. If the weather is extremely cold, use a blanket or a towel to throw the plant over. If your yucca is a potted one, place it in direct sunlight.

These tips will help you protect both kinds of yucca plant in cold weather: cold-sensitive ones and those that can boast their hardiness.