Fertilizing Gardenias: How to Fuel Gardenia Growth?

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If you have planted Gardenias, you certainly would like them to become the highlights of your garden and bloom abundantly. The most frequent problems gardeners encounter with gardenias are stunted growth, no buds or flowers and yellow leaves. All these can be normally fixed with the right fertilizer.

Fertilizing Gardenias: When & How?

Get your soil pH tested. If the result is higher than the ideal 5.5 and on the alkaline side or higher than 7, apply a soil acidifier.
One of the most popular fertilizing products for Gardenias are Scotts Miracle Grow MirAcid and Fox Farm Grow Big.
The chosen fertilizer is sprinkled on the soil, not on the leaves.
The right time for Gardenia fertilizing is between April and September or November.

Gardenias can also benefit from occasional pruning. The best time for gardenia pruning is in late summer after the blooms have faded.