Grafted Gardenia: Enhanced Bloom and Improved Growth

If you provide proper conditions for your bloomer, Gardenia grows well itself, however, a grafted Gardenia is usually a more vigorous plant with plenty of healthy, large and beautiful blooms.

How to Graft Gardenia?

Make sure the rootstick of the plant is at least 6 inches long and as thick as a usual pencil.
Determine the grafting point (½ of the rootstick length) and cut the rootstick with a sloping cut.
Remove side branches from the rootstick.
Prepare a scion of the same diameter as the rootstick. Adjust the cut on the scion to match the rootstick.
Join the open cuts and align the cambium layers.
Wrap the graft with a rubber strip, covering the place of union.
Place the plant into a shaded humid medium to avoid drooping (mist with water once a day).
The binding can be removed in a month.