Phalaenopsis orchid is an epiphytic plant

phalaenopsis orchid flower

If you are looking for something that will enliven your interiorscape, phalaenopsis orchid is a prime candidate for that. You can have a look at the pictures and ensure yourself that this exotic plant with its astonishing flowers varying in colour will make a great addition to your house. Besides, its maintenance is rather simple. Phalaenopsis orchid is an epiphytic plant.

Consequently, it doesn’t require any soil and you can simply keep it in a clear container filled with the potting medium. This will look stylish.

As it was mentioned before phalaenopsis orchid care is an epiphytic species. That is why it enjoys a lot of light, but it should necessarily be indirect. The temperatures comfortable for you will go for your orchid, although at night they should be a bit cooler. The species is susceptible to root rot, so you have to be careful with watering.

The potting medium should be damp. If the top of the potting material is getting dry, it’s time to water the species. Never let it dry out completely. As well as don’t allow the plant to sit in water. The humidity is also extremely important for the plant to prosper. It should be 50-90 per cent.