Troubles with the plant: phalaenopsis orchid is wilt

phalaenopsis orchid blooming image

Phalaenopsis orchid is a spectacular plant whose flowers resemble a flurry of moths surrounding the stems. It enjoys direct sunlight, perfect drainage and bark growing medium for the roots. The plant will prosper if the following growing conditions are preserved. If any criteria remains unmet, you will see your phalaenopsis orchid wilt.

Poor watering can be the culprit of the trouble. As a result of being underwatered the foliage of the plant becomes limp. The key to success is to water the species thoroughly and do it next time only when the top of medium is dry.
This type of orchid is native to jungles. It attaches to trees and grows as an epiphyte. That is why it is able to receive bright light. The lack of it can also cause the foliage wilting.

The plant flourishes in a bark-based potting mix. In this medium the roots are able to breathe thanks to the air pockets formed between the bark pieces. It also provides the species with the good drainage. If you plant the species simply into the soil in your garden, it may cause root rot and eventually phalaenopsis orchid care wilt.

If you noticed that the leaves had become limp and some of them had fallen off, examine the plant attentively. Diseases and pests attacking the plant can be the reason of that. To help your plant apply a drench packaged for orchids which includes thiophanate-methyl in its composition. Then the potting medium needs to be saturated thoroughly. Afterwards flush the liquid from the container.