Phalaenopsis orchid drooping

phalaenopsis orchid plant picture

It’s an unfeigned pleasure to watch your orchid grow and bloom. Growing a mature happy plant right from the moment it was just a tiny shoot is incomparable with any feeling. It gives you sense of pride and joy. Unfortunately, you can encounter some troubles while cultivating the species. One of the most disturbing and frustrating is phalaenopsis orchid drooping its flowers and leaves.

Phalaenopsis orchids are known for their susceptance to bud blast. It’s very disappointing to wait for the buds of your plant to open and only see them wilting and turning yellow. The reasons can be numerous: an unexpected change in the environment, over watering, leaving the plant dry, exposure to very dry or hot air, exposure to cold drafts, air pollution, ethylene gas emitted by fruit or vegetables. To prevent this issue, try to keep the plant away from any possible stress and water it in a proper way. If the species droops its blooms and the petals look puckery, the reasons can be the same as with bud blast.

The primary cause for phalaenopsis orchid drooping its leaves is improper watering. The pot either has been kept wet and soggy or vice versa it has been extremely dry for some time. At first the foliage is dark green, healthy, then it suddenly turns yellow, becomes shriveled. Determine the problem first and then treat the plant accordingly.