Yucca is a succulent plant

yucca leaves image

Yucca is a succulent plant though there are still hot discussions about that. Some people claim that there exist succulent types of yucca (for example, yucca elephantipes) but it is more legitimate to call the entire genus xerophytic.

The discrepancy appears because of the fact that the word “succulent” still has not been defined properly. Succulent plants possess the following characteristics: they absorb water when it is possible and hold it in leaves, roots, stem for a long time so as to be able to cope with the drought; they also have a different kind of metabolism; there are also fewer pores in succulents.

Although in the majority of books t is mentioned that yucca is a succulent, it is more appropriate to classify it as a xerophyte. This word signifies shrubs and trees which easily adapt to extreme dryness.