Burnt phalaenopsis orchid

phalaenopsis orchid diases

I’ve never really come across problems with my orchid until recently. A few weeks ago I was so careless that I burnt phalaenopsis orchid. I left it on the window on a really sunny day. I think I was absent for a couple of hours. When I came back I saw a dreadful picture: the leaves were either completely yellow and wrinkly or had enormous yellow spots on them. The plant couldn’t look worse than that. The blooms were droopy with brown spots.

I wanted to nurse my burnt phalaenopsis orchid back to life. I applied some fungicide because I worried a lot that these yellow spots could also appear because of the fungus. I made sure my plant was placed in the right environment (I mean the place where the plant could receive indirect light and the humidity was high enough). I was also very careful with the watering trying not to worsen the situation by over watering the species.

Luckily for me, my poor plant was able to recover. Now I’m trying to be a better owner.