Factsheet on phalaenopsis orchid natural habitat

phalaenopsis orchids

Phalaenopsis orchid plants are exquisite succulents popular with growers all over the world. The origin of this species is eastern Asia. The plant is native to South India, southern China to Taiwan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, the Philippines, and northern Australia. Phalaenopsis orchid natural habitat is a moist forest where the temperatures are warm all year round and the humidity is rather high.

The plant is epiphyte meaning it attaches itself to the bark of trees or to other plants. Because of that this plant is accustomed to plenty of light, partial shade and perfect air circulation. Unfortunately little field research has been done lately. That is why there is not much information about its ecology in nature.

If you want your orchid to thrive, provide it with the growing conditions that are similar to those of phalaenopsis orchid plants natural habitat.